What’s the Best Aftershave for Men?

Using an aftershave is a crucial thing for any man. Besides the fact that it smells good and it can have quite a beautiful fragrance, it can also have a healthy consequence as well, because it calms the skin down after shaving. However, as it happens with any type of fragrance, the market is huge and the numbers of bottles that can be bought make the choice a very difficult one. However, any man has to know that choosing an aftershave should be done according to the personality of the man. While the aftershave is not as strong as an Eau de Toilette or a bottle of cologne, the aftershave is definitely something that can define a man’s personality.

Although the market for aftershaves is huge, based on the reviews and on the number of bottles sold all around the world, there is one that beats all the others and that is “Gentlemen Only” by the one and only Givenchy house.

In depth review of “Gentlemen Only” by Givenchy Aftershave

Launched for the first time in the 90’s and reintroduced on the market with an enhanced formula, the “Gentlemen Only” fragrance is definitely one of the most popular among men of all ages. Although the new fragrance might be a little different than the original one, it has managed to keep the same elegant and classy smell all men and women alike love.

“Gentlemen Only” is created from a blend of several main ingredients that are mixed in such a way that all ingredients are left out bit by bit to create a more intense fragrance. First of all, the top notes include green mandarin oil, birch leaf and black pepper, the second wave is created from a blend of patchouli, Texas cedar and leather, and the final notes are given by incense, tonka bean and amber. The combination of all of these ingredients creates a sense of elegance and refinement. The original version did not contain any leather, but the new enhanced formula launched at the beginning of 2014 brings a touch of leather which only accentuates the refinement and the classic style of the man that will wear this fragrance.

The Givenchy house has chosen an actor to represent their new fragrance and that is Simon Baker, the star of the popular show “The Mentalist”. The design of the bottle is black and gray which against inspires elegance and confidence. All in all, the “Gentlemen Only” is, as the name suggests, a fragrance designed only for older men that want to inspire trust and confidence with a touch of elegance.

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No lasting time

Although the “Gentlemen Only” fragrance is one of the most popular on the market and the scent the blending of the ingredients creates is very popular among men of all ages, there is a downside as well and that is the time it lasts on the skin. Although it is advertised as lasting at least 4 hours, many customers have complained about the fact that this particular aftershave lasts for an hour at its best. For people that are looking for something to last for a whole evening, this Givenchy fragrance may not be suitable for their tastes. If you can move past this, the fragrance can be the perfect one for you.

Stats on Best Aftershave For Men

The bottle: the bottle itself is an elegant one designed to be handy and easy to use when applying the aftershave on the skin. The black top and the gray bottom inspires elegancy and it does not stand out in a crowd as other ones do, which is another thing this fragrance prides itself with. It attracts people in a subtle way through elegance and is not so powerful as others are.

The time it stays on: Although it is advertised as lasting for at least 4 hours, many customers have complained about the fact that this aftershave does not last more than one hour.

Ingredients used to create the fragrance: mandarin oil, black pepper, birch leaf, amber, leather, patchouli, tonka bean and incense.

Best Men’s Aftershave Bottom line:

The new fragrance by Givenchy, “Gentlemen Only” is an aftershave created by this house for the men that like to be subtle, but also to attract the people around them. Although it does not last as long as others, the elegancy and refinement it brings out definitely make it worth the money.

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