Best Male Cologne to Buy

As the market for colognes increases day by day, choosing a specific type of cologne has become quite difficult, especially since men do not know the exact steps one has to go through before determining the perfect one for them. However, this is understandable considering the fact that the market is huge and it contains millions of colognes created by famous brands and houses and the most common singers, actors and basically any public person with a desire to create one.

When choosing a bottle of cologne, the first and only thing you have to consider is your personality. Each bottle of cologne is designed for a specific type of man and when choosing one, you have to consider who they are designed for. Some are created for mysterious and interesting men, others for casual use on a daily basis at work and others for long sensual evenings with the significant other.

According to the reviews, one of the best male colognes is “Guilty” by Gucci.

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In depth review of Guilty By Gucci for Men

The “Guilty” collection of Gucci has been declared the best of the century and it has certainly become one of the favorites of men everywhere. The brand is one of the most widely recognized in the world as providing great quality products. The “Guilty” cologne is no exception to this rule, receiving multiple awards and appreciation from all around the world.

The “Guilty” cologne is a great type of cologne designed for the men that want to impress through their sensuality, mystery and masculinity. The fragrance is a strong ad intense one created by ingredients such as green coriander and lavender as the top notes that act like an explosion of smells that dictates young confidence. The middle notes contain ardent, orange flower and neroli, all of them meant to evoke romance and masculinity at the same time. The low notes include Gucci’s signature ingredient, patchouli, present in all of their fragrances. In “Guilty” it is combined with cedarwood, giving the lower notes intensity and energy. The “Guilty” fragrance is designed for the men that want to appear as mysterious, yet romantic and masculine at the same time.

Although there is a downside to this fragrance by Gucci and that is the fact that the popularity brought a lot of fake items on the market as the cheaper brands are trying to attract new customers by posing their own fragrances as those belonging to famous brands, the fact that Gucci is one of the most recognized brands in the world and “Guilty” is one of the most appreciated fragrances for men they have created.

Popularity as a sin

Although popularity is usually considered to be something good, in the case of famous brands, it can drag them down. Each recognized brand has to face the idea that their fragrances and products in general will be copied and sold as being their own by lesser brands. This is why popularity can prove to be a downside at times. In order to make sure that the bottle of cologne you are buying is good and not a counterfeit, you have to remember that no matter how good the deal is (e.g. the price is too low) the bottle is probably a counterfeit.

Stats on the Best Male Cologne

The bottle: The “Guilty” bottle holds the classic signature of Gucci, which is two G’s entwined. It is handy, which means it can easily be used and the green and black colors used spell out elegance and “Made in Italy”.

The time it stays on: According to the reviews, the fragrance is powerful and it can easily last for a full night. It is designed for long lasting nights, not for casual use.

Ingredients used to create the fragrance: green coriander, lavender, ardent, orange flower, neroli and aromatic notes.

 Bottom line

The bottom line is that this fragrance is one of the most popular on the market. Gucci have definitely created a name for themselves on the cologne for men market and according to the reviews and the number of sells that keeps growing day after day, the “Guilty” cologne will stick around probably for decades more.

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