List of the Best Perfumes for Men 2017

If you’re looking for a 2017 list of the best perfumes for men then you’re in the right cave! Here, we have dedicated our time to help you choose one of these men’s perfumes that fits you the best. We already did the research of the top-selling and over-all ratings of each of these perfumes. It’s important when it comes to choosing the right perfume for yourself because all cologne give off a different vibes when walking into a room. Each cologne is different with different base notes that give off a powerful smell, relaxing smell, a sweet smell, and many other smells. Check each base note to find more about the kind of smell it will spread around the room when you walk in.

Each man like to have there signature cologne for them special nights. However, them bottles are the good ones and cost more for a more classy vibe and smell. Wait don’t we stop wasting time and get you going… So without saying more, below we have listed to best of the best men’s perfume.

Best Perfumes for Men of 2017

PictureColognePriceRating (1-5)
Tom Ford 'Oud Wood' Eau de ParfumUnder $4004.7
CARON PARIS Pour Un Homme De Caron Eau de Toilette SPLASH, 25 fl. oz.Under $4004.4
Canali By Canali For Men. Eau De Toilette Spray 3.4 OZUnder $3504.4
Valentino V By Valentino For Men, Eau De Toilette Spray, 1.6-Ounce BottleUnder $2504.4
TOM FORD Tobacco Vanille Eau de Parfum 50 ML(1.7 OZ)Under $3004.3
Good Life for Men by Davidoff 4.2oz 125ml EDT SprayUnder $4004.2
Creed Aventus for Men Eau De Parfum Spray, 4.0 OunceUnder $3504.2
Tommy Bahama ~ 3.4 oz / 100 ml Men Cologne Spray New in BoxUnder $3004.0

Cologne or Perfume for Men?

Most people commonly think cologne is for men and perfume is for women. However, this statement is not correct. The name “perfume” describes the concentration of the scent and not based on what gender actually wears the perfume. So if you see a perfume for men, don’t think anything of it saying perfume. The word “perfume” is a much older word and existed before the word “cologne”. Before the word cologne was introduced, the word “perfume” meant any personal fragrance for men and women both.


Cologne or perfume is filled with alcohol that evaporates fairly quickly, but left behind is the oil which gives you the smell. Depending on the how much oil is in the perfume over the alcohol is how long it’s going to last. It doesn’t always tell you the amount of oil or alcohol within the cologne or perfume, but after using a few times you can adjust how much you should spray. If you feel the smell of the perfume doesn’t last all day long with 2 or 3 spray you might have to try 4 or 5. However, make sure you apply the perfume correctly while doing so or this could affect the longevity of the smell. The oils sink better into your skin than if you spray it on your clothing. It’s best to spray the perfume on your wrist and rub your two wrist together, then you want to dab your wrist behind your ear/neck area to apply the perfume. It won’t hurt to spray it on your clothes but going to get much better results and longevity applying to the skin.

Best Perfume for Men Reviews 2017

Calvin Klein CK one Eau de Toilette

People really like the Calvin Klein CK one perfume or else it wouldn’t have an outstanding rating of 4.6 out of 5.0. It was so good it was even put in FiFi Fragrance Hall of Fame back in 2010. Now you don’t see that very often with perfumes. It gives of a very clean and refreshing smell that the ladies love. Calvin Klein has become very popular over the past decade and really has improved their quality of their cologne and has been offering different scents. For the price of the one of-a-kind cologne with a very unqie and unforgettable smell that will make thought of.

Base notes: sandalwood, musk, cedar and Oakmoss, amber

Top notes: pineapple, papaya, green notes, mandarin orange, bergamot, cardamom and lemon Heart

Notes: rose, orris root, violet, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley and nutmeg

All in all, the CK one by Calvin Klein perfume is one of the best and has a great longevity for the money. It’s great for all occasion and can never go wrong with some Calvin Klein perfume. It has raving reviews from many different sites and was at one point the hottest selling cologne for a short period of time. When choosing a cologne, Calvin Klein CK will always be a good pick and cologne to have in the arsenal. From what I was reading on a few forums and Yahoo answers, the ladies have spoke up and said nothing but good things about this cologne and how it smells. That should tell you all you need to know gentlemen.

Nautica Voyage By Nautica For Men

Currently Nautica Voyage is one of Best-Sellers in the entire beauty category. If that doesn’t say enough already I don’t know what till. This perfume was first introduced on the market back in 2006 and still today in 2015 is one of the best men’s cologne on amazon. The Perfume notes include; Amber, Apple, Drenched Mimosa, Greenleaf, Cedar Wood, Water Lotus, Moss, Sailcloth Accord and Musk. Between all these different notes creates the wonderful smelling Nautica Voyage for Men.

Based on the base notes in this cologne its got a refreshing smell that give off a positive vibe. It’s a very casual cologne thats useable for multiple occasions, such as, school, work, business, dates or you can just use it everyday. The apple, amber and mimosa not give it the perfect blend which makes the smell never good old and rememberable. So if you got a date and what to leave her with something to remember you by, the Nautica Voyage cologne is the perfect cologne to do it with.

In conclusion, for under $20 this is the best perfume for men for the money. Perfume is typically quite expensive by of course Nautica being so big and popular offer a friendly price for its customers. It has great review accross the board at all the biggest name brand websites on the web. It’s one of the top selling cologne on the market ever since it had been launched onto the market. Ask youself this if you’re a Nautica fan, have you ever bought something that was Nautica and wasn’t happy? Ok well, once again you will be happy once you catch a drift of the Voyage cologne by Nautica.

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