Best Sandalwood Cologne Guide 2017

Sandalwood cologne is probably most widely known for its greatly distinctive variations being a wealthy, warm, nice and woody given the fact that sandalwood is known to make for a great body perfume when utilized correctly. Sandalwood, the heavenly essence’s tale. Sandalwood is a huge part of the cosmetic industry now more than ever and is enjoying great popularity amongst the public. Below we have listed some of most popular sandalwood colognes for men.

Top Sandalwood Cologne Reviews & Ratings

ImageColognePriceOur Rating
Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Cologne$$$4.6
Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene for Men, Eau De Toilette Spray$$4.6
Caswell-Massey - Sandalwood Cologne Spray$$4.5
Bora Bora by Liz Claiborne for Men, Cologne Spray, 3.4-Ounce$$4.4
Sandalwood By Elizabeth Arden For Men. Eau De Cologne Spray 3.3 Ounces$$4.4

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More Information

Sandalwood can be a parasitic pine and acquires nutrients. Though you will find other species of sandalwood, including crimson sandalwood, Australian sandalwood (S. spicatum) and New Caledonian Sandalwood (S. austrocaledonicum), these are very different from genuine Santalum album and also have very different properties and fragrances. There is another pine that produces an essential fat which can be sometimes called West Indian sandalwood or amyris (Amyris balsamifera) – it’s from Haiti along with other destinations in the West Indies and it is not associated with correct sandalwood. It’s, however, sometimes employed as an alternative that is sandalwood, specifically in items for example soap, where utilizing the sandalwood that is legitimate could be too expensive.

Hydro-distillation is the traditional approach to removal. It is pretty unusual today, yet it is said that this method brings an oil with a remarkable scent. In the place of having steam pass through the powdered wood, in a hydro-distiller the dust is permitted to relax in water. The water heats and carries off the water which will be allowed to great. The Sandalwood oil is then taken from the very best of the hydrosol.

Use in Perfumery: Sandalwood oil is used extensively in normal perfumery like starting notice a harmonizing adviser and fixative. It helps to bring additional oils together and provides a fragrance without overwhelming different oils or removing. It’s a foundation note that really helps to hold the odour of other oils that are light that are inclined to dissipate easily. Sandalwood is not peripheral for the making of conventional attars in India. Distilling essential oils of scarce and/or difficult to distil flowers into real Sandalwood oil makes these pure perfumes. Of distilling exclusive oils into Sandalwood gas this process produces great natural perfumes containing the essences of both plants combined within an almost mysterious method.

One of the most widely recognized sandalwood colognes is the Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood. According to the manufacturers, this is one of the cleanest, most refined, and purest scents on the market. It is a true classic in the making. The fragrance of the cologne is subtle and conservative, yet it is able to last until you decide to wash it off. If you are a real fan of the scent then you would be very happy to hear that it is not only available in the form of cologne but also in the form of bathing products and shaving cream as well.

Another one of the most widely known colognes with sandalwood is the Bora Bora. This product by Liz Claiborne has been remarked for high quality and long lasting life. It is more recommended to be using during the day for formal meetings, however, if you are in the mood you can also use it when you go out for the night.

Most of the people would be shocked to learn that Elizabeth Arden has a whole line of colognes for men, however, this is the truth and it is a shame because of the high quality of the production. With two different fragrances, this cologne made from sandalwood oil is amazing for everyday use.

Sandalwood oil is costly and uncommon as well as the cost is certainly going up quickly whilst the Indian government places stronger laws on export and its output. If you find a Sandalwood that you truly like, obtain enough to last you, after which put it to use sparingly. The oil may improve with age (unlike some other essential oils which weaken with age), and you may likely never be capable of change it. If you should be applying Sandalwood oil in making supplements, we claim that you try the CO2 extract because it does make a better usage of the source by effortlessly extracting the Sandalwood gas, together with enabling you to employ less of this valuable substance.

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