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Reviewing the Bleu De Chanel Cologne 2017

If you are into entrancing fragrances, it is highly unlikely that you are not going to like Bleu de chanel cologne. It was back in 2010 that Bleu de Chanel hit the market. But it was only recently that they have launched an enhanced version of the

Reviewing the Mont Blanc Legend Cologne

What type of man wears Mont Blanc Cologne? He is the man that knows who he is and doesn’t need to find himself on journeys of self-discovery. He is a man that is comfortable in his own skin and doesn’t need to pretend to be someone he

Weed Cologne Reviews: Kush Smelling Cologne

For the people who love the smell of Kush, Then I would recommend checking out some of the marijuana colognes. If you like to smoke or simply just love the smell of it and looking for some cologne that smells like marijuana then you’re in luck. Here

Best Sandalwood Cologne Guide 2017

Sandalwood cologne is probably most widely known for its greatly distinctive variations being a wealthy, warm, nice and woody given the fact that sandalwood is known to make for a great body perfume when utilized correctly. Sandalwood, the heavenly essence’s tale. Sandalwood is a huge part of

Best Winter Perfume and Cologne for Men

Looking for the best winter cologne for men? With winter approaching it time to switch up your cologne game and surprise them ladies with some of the best smelling cologne for winter. Classy men change colognes throughout the seasons and now that the cold winter is now

Best Male Cologne to Buy

As the market for colognes increases day by day, choosing a specific type of cologne has become quite difficult, especially since men do not know the exact steps one has to go through before determining the perfect one for them. However, this is understandable considering the fact

Top Cologne for Men of 2016

Usually, when men choose a specific brand of cologne, they do this for two purposes. The first one is obviously, to smell good and clean, and the second one is to attract women. The advertisements for top colognes of 2016 and Eau de Toilette nowadays do their

Top Men’s Cologne Women Love Smelling

When choosing a cologne, many men face a difficult task due to the variety of colognes, Eau de Toilettes and aftershaves out there. In order to choose the perfect cologne, men have to take into consideration their own personality and the type of activity or person they

Most Popular Cologne for Men

Just like for any product, the market for colognes is huge. There are hundreds of brand sand companies that produce cologne and even popular actors, singers or public people have made their own colognes. People like Antonio Banderas and Fergie have made their own colognes and this

Best Versace Cologne for Men

Versace is one of the most popular names in the men industry in the world. The brand was created by Gianni Versace, an Italian that designed clothes for men, although he began expanding and creating all sorts of products designed specifically for men. Today, the brand inspires