Most Popular Cologne for Men

Just like for any product, the market for colognes is huge. There are hundreds of brand sand companies that produce cologne and even popular actors, singers or public people have made their own colognes. People like Antonio Banderas and Fergie have made their own colognes and this only proves how easy it is to make one when you have a bit of talent and most importantly, money.

However, from the sea of unknown colognes, there are a few that stand out among the others. These are usually produced by big companies and famous “noses” that understand the needs and wants of their customers. So, without any further ado, here are some of the most popular men’s cologne.

3 of The Most Popular Men’s Cologne Reviewed

JOHN VARVATOS ARTISAN by John Varvatos for Men

Launched in 2009, “Artisan” was produced by John Varvatos and it quickly became one of the most popular ones. The bottle was designed by Jon Cisler Design and it is meant to represent the firm.

The cologne contains a mix of ingredients that remind the customers of the Sicilian summer, although it contains many ingredients from all around the world. Thus, when using it, you will smell the Silician Clementine mixed with the Mexican tangerine, Spanish marjoram, aromatic thyme and Greek lavender. To this combination, the two famous noses that created this smell added orange blossom specific to Northern Africa, Murraya, which is a plant specific to India and three types of ginger: Nigerian, Chinese, and one designed in the laboratory.

This combination creates a sweet, yet attractive smell designed for men that like to relax, yet don’t want to stand out completely and it is perfect for nights out.

GUESS Men’s Seductive Homme Blue Cologne

In August 2011, the “Seductive Homme Blue” became the second fragrance to be launched from the Seductive collection and it immediately had effect on the market. It is a fragrance created to be worn while going out or on a date.

The fragrance is created from a blend of ingredients such as cardamon, black pepper, citrus, caviar, geranium, cashmere wood and moss. The fragrance defines masculinity and youth, together with other attributes added by the Guess house itself: legendary, charismatic, sexy and bold. All of these create a woody and aromatic fragrance designed primarily for romantic, charismatic magnetic and sensual men that are looking to impress their girlfriends while on a date. According to the reviews, it is a great bottle of cologne that lasts a reasonable amount of time and that the women enjoy when men wear it.

Guilty By Gucci Cologne for Men

Everybody knows that Gucci is one of the most popular brands of men’s products on the market. After releasing some of their cologne for men as well, they became even more popular. The “Guilty” fragrance received plenty of awards and the entire Guilty collection was named the fragrances of the year, which states just how popular it became among young and old men.

The fragrance is designed for sensual, attractive shameless, unpredictable and mysterious men. The entire collection contains a “Guilty” version for women as well and according to their official website, these two together create a magnificent pair. For the men’s fragrance, the noses that designed it used ingredients such as green coriander and lavender as the top notes designed for young people that like adventure and the thrill of adventure. As middle notes, they used ardent that spells masculinity and orange flower which is used here as an aphrodisiac, with neroli and aromatic verdant notes. As base notes, Gucci used its signature ingredient, patchouli, blended with cedarwood which confine the cologne a sense of energy.

Together, all these fragrances create a fragrance designed for young men who like adventure, but who also like to be a little mysterious and attract women, yet do it in a stylish and elegant way. For more of the most popular cologne for men.

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