Reviewing the Mont Blanc Legend Cologne

What type of man wears Mont Blanc Cologne? He is the man that knows who he is and doesn’t need to find himself on journeys of self-discovery. He is a man that is comfortable in his own skin and doesn’t need to pretend to be someone he is not. He is confident, stands tall and walks proud. He wears elegance like a cloak and poise is his weapon of choice.

He is cool under duress and never under estimated. Other men want to be him and secretly fear his underlying power. Women are never immune to his charms and succumb like a moth to a flame. He is a legend and choses to wear his name sake… Mont Blanc Legend.

Legend Cologne is a sophisticated blend with masculine, enigmatic and sensual undertones. The genius perfumer behind this elixir is a man named Olivier Pescheux whose nose recognised a legendary scent when he smelt it and immediately bottled up the formula. Mont Blanc Legend became its name and it was revealed to the masses in 2011. The composition is a sneaky blended mixture of aromatic tones with fruity notes and heated potency.

The best way to describe this scent journey is elaborate in a way you can best understand.  A mature man knows the art of love-making; it is a journey of the senses and it is a progressive voyage of discovery. The first step wets your appetite with an alluringly delightful taste of what is to come then moves into a sweetly provocative dance of zest and eventually the fiery explosive burst of heavenly surrender to utter satisfaction.

This is a description of your Legend Cologne scent journey.

  • Alluring top notes filled with aromatic promise
  • Provocative middle notes tango with zesty tanginess
  • Fiery base notes that merge with earthy notes of satisfaction

The top notes are bergamot, lavender, pineapple leaf and exotic verbena that deliver the promising aroma of freshness. The middle notes are akmoss -evernyl molecule blended with geranium, coumarin, apple, rose and pomarosa molecule (dried fruit) to divulge a provocative heart to the core scent. The base note is sandalwood, Tonka and evernyl that amalgamate to the fiery fusion of spicy verses woodsy, the end game scent that gets you ‘noticed’.

The Mont Blanc Cologne bottle itself screams classy elegance with a weighted glass and metal design of black mixed with metal inspired by the Meisterstück who designed a memorial pen. The bottles creation is modern simplistic design of masculine with a stylish feel of complexity much like the elixir: Legend Cologne.

The Mont Blanc legend will make the confident more confident and the bold bolder. You are who you are and this sexy elixir will only enhance that exponentially.  This crowd pleaser takes you from season to season comfortably, cool to warm weather and back again with ease. The customer reviews are filled with women who have fallen in love with this elixir on their men and revealed the scent tends to release their inhibitions.

The Mont Blanc Cologne is a brew for all occasions and definitely worthy of all the hype…Get it now if you dare.

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