Weed Cologne Reviews: Kush Smelling Cologne

For the people who love the smell of Kush, Then I would recommend checking out some of the marijuana colognes. If you like to smoke or simply just love the smell of it and looking for some cologne that smells like marijuana then you’re in luck. Here we share some of the weed smelling cologne reviews on which ones smell the best and is worth the money.

Top Colognes that Smell Like Cannabis

Kush Perfume

The “Kush Perfume” is one of the better smelling cologne to buy. It really does smell like some really good Kush and if you’re that smell, you will love this perfume for men. It’s a very sweet and smooth smell and isn’t to strong which is perfect for this kind of cologne. They added a hint of vanilla in a jojoba oil base for the great smell of Kush that Mother Nature gave us. It’s the perfect cologne for most occasions whether it’s for the day or even a night out at the clubs. You’re always going to have the smoother Kush smell with a hint of vanilla. The best part is the Kush Perfume is under $30 which is fairly cheap for good quality smelling cologne.

All in all, this is the perfect bottle of cologne for men who like the smell of cannabis, weed, marijuana and Kush. It’s only $30 per bottle and I’m sure you will like it if you like that actually smell of Kush.

Demeter Cannabis Flower Cologne Spray

Next, I will introduce your to the Demeter Cannabis Flower cologne. This cologne is very light and doesn’t give off an extremely odor which is good when it comes to colognes. Being not much information about this cologne, I have gone to the reviews from previous customers who purchased this cologne on Amazon to get more. After reading I came to a conclusion that it was about 60% were good reviews and about 40% were something negative about. However, people are more likely to leave a bad review on a product than a good one. More people like this weed cologne and said it smells very good and not to strong. For a $20 bottle cologne it’s not going to hurt the wallet trying it out. Everyone has their own preference on the smell of cologne so it’s hard to base it off other reviews.

The Bottom Line

To be honest they don’t make that many different kinds of Kush cologne. When searching for this kind of cologne you will see the market is very limited and don’t have many options to choose. These are the only two types of weed smelling cologne I could find on Amazon! One of the biggest websites in the world and only offers two different types proves my point.

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